Turn your trade receivables into liquidity.

Factoring services are an alternative or complementary form of financing to bank credit and respond to your company’s need for liquidity. They provide for the purchase by Banca CF+ of trade receivables owed by your company to its customers. Through this assignment, the company obtains immediate liquidity and, in the case of a non-recourse assignment, eliminates the risk of non-payment by the debtor, which remains with the Bank.

Banca CF+’s factoring solutions are aimed at both companies with a positive equity situation and companies with financial difficulties.

Recourse direct factoring

Obtain liquidity quickly and simplify the administrative management and collection of receivables.

Non-recourse direct factoring

Get liquidity quickly and eliminate the risk of non-payment of assigned receivables.


Operational mode of reverse factoring without the obligation to assign the credit.

Reverse factoring

Enhance your relationship with your suppliers by providing concrete support for the regularisation of their cash flow.

Maturity factoring

You can count on the certainty of collecting your receivables on a certain, pre-established date.


Distressed factoring

Quickly obtain the liquidity you need to ensure the continuity of your business.

Basic level: get liquidity Plus level - get it within 24 hours of loading the invoice

With our factoring services, you can turn your receivables into liquidity, immediately available to your business.

The advantages of factoring with Banca CF+


Every phase of factoring is fast: from the preliminary investigation to the disbursement of the financing. The financing is disbursed within 24 hours of loading the invoice.

Advanced digital platform

Our digital factoring platform is 100% cloud-based and can be fully integrated with your company’s information systems. Invoices can be loaded quickly and easily.


We provide you with a high quality and granularity of data to constantly monitor your position.

How does it work?

  • Fill in the form

    Enter your details in the online form in just a few minutes. Within 3 working days you will be contacted by one of our specialists who will give you more details and guide you through the preliminary investigation phase.
  • Manage your operations online

    All processes can be managed online: send e-mails with attached invoices and you will find them in the platform in just 30 minutes.
  • Get liquidity

    You will receive the amounts within 2 days after uploading the invoices.


  • What types of factoring do you offer?

    Banca CF+ offers factoring operations to both healthy companies and companies undergoing restructuring through complex and structured transactions.

    The main types of Factoring offered follow:

    1. Direct Factoring, characterised by a direct request for the assignment of invoices of portfolio debtors by an assigning creditor.
    2. Reverse Factoring, characterised by the proposal to the Factor of its own creditors by assigned debtors of medium/large size and with a fragmented supplier portfolio. In this type of transaction, the creditors assign to the Factor the invoices due from the large assigned debtor.
    3. Confirming, characterised by an operation in which a company with a large number of suppliers gives them access to a dedicated line granted by the Factor in order to support them financially and consolidate their relationships.

    Assigning creditors can typically request assignment either with recourse – the risk of non-payment of invoices assigned by the client to the factor remains with the client – or without recourse – the risk is assumed by the Factor; assigned debtors can contract with the Factor for an extension of the payment schedule for invoices assigned by their creditor.

  • Are there any requirements for access to the product?

    Each company is assessed on its own merits, but our factoring products are designed for companies with a minimum annual turnover of EUR 5 million for Direct Factoring and a minimum turnover of EUR 50 million for Confirming or Reverse Factoring.

  • How does the application for product activation work?

    If you are interested in our products, submit a request for contact via the contact form, one of our experts will contact you to discuss your needs and verify the suitability of your company. If your company is eligible, one of our experts will guide you through the application process, from collecting the necessary documents to signing the contract.

  • Are guarantees required for access to the product?

    No, guarantees of any kind are generally not required for access to Factoring products, however, if presented, these may be assessed by the relevant structures.

  • What are the reference tools?

    Banca CF+ provides its Factoring customers with an advanced invoice management platform where they can view and validate invoices subject to the Factoring relationship digitally.