Non-recourse direct factoring

The company assigns to Credito Fondiario the trade receivables due from its debtors; the consideration for the assigned invoices is paid by the bank directly to the company, allowing it to obtain immediate liquidity. The risk of insolvency on the part of the assigned debtor is borne by the Bank. The transaction takes the form of a sale of the receivables asset, with the possibility for companies which have to prepare financial statements in accordance with IAS principles to derecognise the receivable definitively from the financial statements.

  • To whom it is addressed

    Small and medium-sized companies of high standing with a positive balance sheet situation, in operation for at least 36 months.

  • Advantages

    • Eliminate the risk of non-payment of assigned receivables.
    • Obtain liquidity quickly through the immediate release of current receivables.
    • Increase your financial capacity to support ordinary operations, development plans or consolidation.
    • Reduce financial exposure through healthier working capital management.
    • Simplify administration and debt collection.