A unique combination of experience, professionalism and talent.

The Management

Panfilo Tarantelli



“We are working to become a hub of excellence in our sector. And we want to be so because of the passion, dedication and responsibility we put into all our challenges.”

Iacopo De Francisco

Chief Executive Officer


“We want to be game-changers of banking for business, we want to change the rules of the game.”

Alberto Beretta

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
& Chief Lending Officer


“We want to offer our customers a quality service with clear and quick answers. We believe that teamwork is key to achieving this goal.”

Mariacristina Taormina

Chief Financial Officer

Carlo Goi

Head of Finance & Investments


“We work together with flexibility in order to innovate, seize and anticipate the opportunities offered by a constantly changing market context.”

Gianvincenzo Fedele

Head of ICT Risk and Security


“We manage ICT and cybersecurity risks with awareness to transform them into opportunities for change and innovation, offering new digital services and processes that benefit our customers.”

Francesco Labellarte

Head of Compliance & AML


“We strongly believe in respecting the rules as this is the only way to achieve higher goals, guaranteeing strength and security to our customers.”

Pietro Ottaviani

Head of Internal Audit


“Our challenge is to provide added value and proactive strategic advice in our areas of expertise, well beyond the effective and efficient execution of the Audit Plan.”

Carlo Compagnoni

General Counsel


“We are a close-knit team that puts precision at the heart of our work, with the aim of protecting our Group and ensuring the regulatory foundation of every strategic decision.”

Giovanna Bencivenga

Head of Risk Strategy & Management


“Long-term vision, analytical skills and a constant exchange of ideas with colleagues in all offices are the key guiding principles of our daily work.”

Stefano Procopio

Head of People


“We are a group of people with a firm foothold and an eye on the future. We approach projects with commitment but also with enthusiasm and fun.”

Daniele Taormina

Head of Organization & Operations

Fabio Trivellone

Chief Information Officer


“Every project is a challenge that fuels our motivation. The passion for what we do and the expertise acquired through commitment make Banca CF+ a unique company.”

Alessandro D’Arpa

Chief Information Officer


“The bank is technology and data. Our task is to put them every day at the service of customers and internal users offend their decision-making tools, products and best possible experience”

Alberico Potenza

Deputy CCO


“We believe that every obstacle can be overcome through commitment and preparation, and can lead to great opportunities for our customers.”

Luca Reverberi

Chief Commercial Officer


“We are supporting Italian companies, providing them with our knowledge and professionalism to achieve ambitious goals together.”

Andrea Feliciani

Co-Head of Tax Credits


“We work together with our customers with professionalism and expertise to offer them the credit access solution that best suits their needs.”

Marco Quaglierini

Co-Head of Tax Credits


“We have embraced the challenge of a constantly developing banking sector by resolutely focusing on our human capital and the continuous updating of skills.”

Michele Ronchi

Co-Head of Factoring


“Supporting businesses is a challenge we take on with enthusiasm and pragmatism, aware of the importance of our work for the growth of the entire economic fabric.”