The group

Speed, innovation, professionalism and expertise at the service of businesses.


We are a Banking Group specialized in financing solutions for companies in performing or re-performing situations and we offer factoring services, tax credit purchase and short and medium term financing of companies with structural and liquidity needs. We are a branchless challenger bank that operates through advanced operating and distribution models and believes in technology as a tool that facilitates and accelerates access to credit for businesses. Through a completely digital model of bank-business interaction, we enable businesses to access credit quickly and efficiently, ensuring prompt responses and the provision of financing.

We were established in 1898. More than a century of history has taught us that in the world of business finance 4 values count, the foundations on which Banca CF+ rests.



Our business model aims to offer the best financing solution in the shortest possible time. The adoption of advanced technologies for the digitalisation and automation of processes allows us to speed up the preliminary investigation phase and ensure a rapid disbursement of the financing. We offer fast solutions, because we know that timing is key to growing your business.



Our focus on technological innovation is a hallmark of our business. Being 100% cloud-based allows us to achieve remarkable performance in terms of security, business continuity and flexibility. Thanks to the adoption of cutting-edge information systems, we process large amounts of data in a short time, which promotes a faster application process and quicker funds disbursement.



Professionalism is one of the values we have built our history on. We want to provide our customers with a certain reference point, a concrete response to their need for liquidity. Their needs are at the core of our activity. For us, working with professionalism means providing companies with an attentive and well-prepared team to guarantee excellent standards of service.


We have carefully selected our team, made up of highly qualified professionals who have embraced the values of Banca CF+. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of financing instruments and the market, our specialists will guide you competently in choosing the solution that best meets your company’s liquidity needs.

Our mission

We want to create concrete value for companies by meeting their liquidity needs quickly and with flexibility, always offering the most appropriate and effective financing solution. We want to support companies in the development of their full growth potential or in the path of recovery and relaunch with professionalism and competence, to benefit the economic fabric of the country. We want to innovate the bank-business relationship to make it more efficient, transparent and faster.

Our vision

For Banca CF+ the biggest challenge is to be game-changer. CF+ wants to innovate the way credit is provided to businesses and quickly become a reference point for Italian entrepreneurs. It aims excellence and to become one of those success stories in which a single player revolutionizes an entire sector.


A stable bank is a safe bank.

The Group has a solid capital position and a robust liquidity profile in line with the characteristics that have always characterised our corporate history.

Common Equity Tier1

CET1 (Common Equity Tier1) at 15,6% (as at 31 December 2022) is well above requirements.


CET1 is well above requirements.

The Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) and Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR), indicators that measure a bank’s ability to meet its funding needs as well as the availability of adequate liquidity reserves over a time horizon of one year and thirty days, respectively, in normal and highly stressed conditions, are well above the regulatory minimum of 100%.


Above the regulatory minimum of 100%

These are key elements in the realisation of the Group’s strategy as a fintech bank dedicated to Italian medium-sized enterprises operating through advanced operating and distribution models. The Group’s ample free assets and robust and diversified liquidity profile are able to support the investments envisaged in the strategic plan currently being implemented.