Tax Credits

Quickly receive liquidity with the assignment of tax credits.

Banca CF+ buys tax credits for your company’s liquidity needs, working with any type of business, both with companies in a complex economic and financial situation and with companies in a positive equity and financial situation.

The credits that can be purchased are: VAT, IRES, IRAP, IRES for non-deduction of IRAP, IRES for so-called “Tremonti Ambientale”, tax credits from DTA conversion.

In addition, Banca CF+ works actively with credit brokerage firms, auditing firms, insurance brokers, accountants and business consultants with whom to identify and structure non-recourse acquisition transactions of credit positions claimed by small and medium-sized enterprises and voluntary liquidations.

Assignment of credits

Get immediate liquidity by reducing the time it takes to repay your tax credits.


Offer your customers the opportunity to obtain immediate liquidity for business investments through the assignment of tax credits.

You expect a bank to give credit. What about not having to wait?

Assign your tax credits and quickly obtain liquidity for your company.

The advantages of tax credits with Banca CF+

Speed of execution

Often, the time required for tax credit repayments is very long: with Banca CF+ you obtain liquidity in just 2 months instead.

No risk of default

Non-recourse assignment is an alternative and more efficient solution compared to the direct management of recovery. In fact, the client who assigns the debt does not have to give any guarantee as to whether the debtor is solvent or not.

How does it work?

  • Fill in the form

    Fill in the data in the online form in a few minutes and you will be contacted by one of our specialists within 3 working days.
  • Wait for the outcome of the pre-assessment

    Within 10 working days, the minimum initial documentation is analysed in the pre-assessment phase.
  • Receive the credit purchase proposal

    If the pre-assessment phase is successful, we will formalise a credit purchase proposal.
  • Receive the amount

    Within 60 working days, after the final due diligence, we will finalise the contract for the purchase of the credit and payment of the amount.