Reverse factoring

Reverse Factoring is a service that originates from an agreement between Credito Fondiario and a medium-large company with several suppliers. Credito Fondiario stipulates an agreement with all the suppliers involved and advances the supply credits that can be credited in advance or at the expiry of the payment term. Through the Maturity Factoring service, Credito Fondiario can grant a payment extension to the company, thus turning the supply debt into an alternative source of financing.

  • To whom it is addressed

    • Small-medium enterprises.
    • Medium-large companies that have ongoing relations with a large portfolio of suppliers.
  • Advantages

    • Build up and consolidate the relationship with suppliers by providing concrete support for the regularisation of their cash flow.
    • Simplify the administrative management and collection of receivables by gaining greater governance of the cash flow.
    • Benefit from payment extensions thanks to Maturity Factoring services.

Fact sheets are available in the Trasparency section.