The operation focuses on the agreement between a company typically characterised by a large number of suppliers (debtor) and Credito Fondiario. There is no credit assignment, but Credito Fondiario de facto replaces the debtor in managing payments to suppliers. Therefore, these suppliers receive the communication that the payments of the invoices issued by them to the debtor will be settled continuously by Credito Fondiario. As further services, suppliers can transfer invoices to Credito Fondiario obtaining credit advance, and the debtor can benefit from payment extensions.

  • To whom it is addressed

    Medium-large companies that have ongoing relations with a wide portfolio of suppliers.

  • Advantages

    • Retain and consolidate the relationship with your suppliers by providing concrete support for the regularisation of their cash flow.
    • Improve your financial metrics by lengthening cash outflow times.
    • Simplify administration and credit collection by gaining greater governance of your cash flow.
    • Benefit from payment extensions thanks to Maturity Factoring services.