Distressed factoring

The factoring solutions of Banca CF+ are also aimed at companies with financial difficulties, which are about to apply for admission to bankruptcy proceedings or for which such proceedings are already underway, operating in the purchase, management and advance against assignment of trade receivables with notification to the assigned debtor.

Through Factoring services the company can quickly obtain the liquidity necessary to ensure business continuity.

  • Advantages

    • Improvement of the active cycle management with a reduction in insolvencies.
    • Greater protection of receivables from possible foreclosures.
    • Improvement of the relations with the bodies of the procedures.
    • Enhancement of the value of the working capital and creation of finance to ensure business continuity.
  • Areas of intervention

    We intervene to support companies in crisis, within the framework of:

    • Certified recovery plans pursuant to Art. No 67 of the Finance Law
    • Debt restructuring agreements pursuant to Art. No 182-bis of the Finance Law
    • Arrangements with creditors pursuant to Art. No 160 et seq of the Finance Law (provided that the continuity of the business is evidenced).
    • Extraordinary administrations of large insolvent companies.


    But also in contexts of financial tension in transactions without legal frameworks of the Finance Law.

    Supporting among others:

    • Newly established companies (or “newco”), restructuring, corporate reorganisation.