The history

The stages of our evolution


We were established in 1898 together with the first Italian companies under the name Credito Fondiario Sardo, specialising in the provision of mortgages in Sardinia and Rome.


In the post-war period, we extended our operations to almost the whole of Italy, expanding our activities to include public works and industrial land financing.


In 1960, we entered the world of IRI – Institute for Industrial Reconstruction (Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale) – taking the name Credito Fondiario in 1965.


Credito Fondiario entered the financial market in 1985, when the Bank’s shares were listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.


In the 1990s, our operations were extended to medium- to long-term industrial financing, consolidating our special aptitude for corporate credit.


In the 2000s, the Bank changed its mission and specialised in securitisation servicing.


In 2013, Credito Fondiario is acquired by Tages Holding and a group of entrepreneurs with the aim of creating the first Italian new generation debt servicer / debt purchaser.


The strategic repositioning of Credito Fondiario is further strengthened in 2016 with the entry of the new shareholder Tiber Investment S.a.r.l. – a subsidiary of the Elliott Management Corporation Group – one of the largest investment companies in the world.


In October 2018, Elliot becomes the Bank’s majority shareholder. With a long-term vision, it supports the growth of Credito Fondiario by injecting capital and promoting the managerial strengthening of the structure with the aim of making it a market leader.


In these years, Credito Fondiario has become a reference operator, growing in size, gaining a very strong competitive position, working as a partner alongside banks and institutional investors, continuously maintaining levels of capitalisation and financial solidity among the highest in the sector. Product and process innovation plays a key role in this growth path. Investments in technology and innovation are substantial and account for 25% of total costs. Thanks to integrated IT systems and re-engineered management processes, Credito Fondiario has carried out a process of review and innovation of every single phase in which a bank sells its impaired loans, establishing itself as one of the most important operators in Italy in the credit sector.

2021 – Today

Credito Fondiario evolves its mission and returns to its origins as a bank for businesses. Developing the full potential of all the skills acquired in over 120 years of history, it builds a diversified offer to meet the liquidity requirements of companies that need support to face their development, consolidation or relaunching plans. This specialised offering is accompanied by an evolved technological platform, capable of making bank-business relations more efficient and rapid, especially in terms of response times and credit disbursement. This strategic repositioning represents the natural evolution of a bank that has always been characterised by a great ability to renew itself in order to meet the needs of the market. In 2022, it reaches a fundamental stage in this evolutionary process and from the experience of Credito Fondiario Banca CF+ is born.